Styling Card Submission

  • Please submit your styling description only when you have finished with the styling and poses.
  • Please make sure to write your styling description from a 3rd persons perspective, i.e. “she/he (or your name) wears this and that because she/he was inspired by this and that”.
  • Please list all your items you have used for your styling, but you do not have to list items that you usually wear with your avatar anyway, i.e. skins or mesh attachments.
  • It is in your responsibility to list all custom created/sponsored items separately.
  • Please make sure that the creator and item names are proper spelled. Special characters to enhance a name are not needed.
  • Please submit at least one raw shot of your styling. Raw shots are done in front of a simple background only and do not require any specific photography or software skills. If you want and can, please feel free to attach a close up also, if it helps to show details of your styling.
  • The submit raw shots are handed to the judges before the show begin, to allow the judges to see details, they may have missed, i.e. due to lag.
  • Please check your submission double and triple, to make sure that everything is right before you send it.
  • If you need to make changes after you have submit the styling description, you need to fill and send it again. We will use your latest submit styling description.

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Please list all items you have used for your styling, which have been exclusively and/or custom designed for you or have been sponsored (required)

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